Community Garden Day

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Community gardens across the state will host free public celebrations to show their #communitygardenpride. The celebrations and events will be as diverse as the gardens themselves, from small potluck gatherings to big community parties. This year, gardens will be hosting skill-shares, workshops, demonstrations and speakers so you can do double-duty learning a new gardening skill while enjoying these amazing community spaces and the people that tend them.

Map of Participating Gardens

Interested in hosting a celebration? Information on hosting an event and event registration to be included on the Directory of Participating Gardens can be found here.

More about Community Garden Day: This day recognizes the contributions of community gardeners to the health, vitality and livability of their communities, and also serves as an opportunity to spread awareness about the Multiple Benefits of Community Gardens to the public. More about Community Gardening in MN is available in the most recent Snapshot of Community Gardening in MN, published by Gardening Matters.

Gardening Matters will also be working with public officials who will officially declare September 13, 2014 Community Garden Day. Stay tuned for a list of City and County proclamations recognizing the day and the efforts of thousands of gardeners across the state to make their communities more beautiful, livable, and vital!

Questions about Community Garden Day? Contact Margaret at or 612-205-2777

Thank you to our Seedling Sponsors:

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Community Garden Survey 2014

It is once again time for us to update our data from community gardens across the state. We use this information to support you, the gardeners, to make sure your garden is successful for many years to come. It helps us know what the strengths, needs, and patterns are in community gardens across Minnesota. We use that information to network gardens, coordinate resources, and advocate for supportive community garden policies. And we need your help to make it happen.

We have updated our community garden survey, and we ask garden coordinators to please complete it for each garden that you coordinate.  Whether you filled it out years ago, or just this spring- this version is a bit different, and we would ask that you please fill it out again.

As an incentive to complete this registration, all gardens that submit a registration before July 20 will be entered to win a $100 gift card from Home Depot

Gardening on Rental Property

Do you garden as a renter?
Are you a landlord who has thought about allowing tenant gardening?

Gardening Matters is working in partnership with the City of Minneapolis and the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) to make gardening on rental property easier. In the next month, we will be talking with both landlords and tenants about the tools that would help them connect, communicate, and have successful gardens.

As a follow up to our listening sessions with renters and property owners about gardening on rental property, we invite you to tell us more about your experiences and thoughts!
If you garden as a renter or are a landlord who has thought about allowing tenant gardening, please take a few minutes to answer a few short questions to tell us more about the tools that would help you connect, communicate, and have successful gardens.   

Contact Nadja to learn more!

What is a Community Garden?

What is a community garden?  A community garden is any land that is maintained by a group of people to meet the needs of that group of people.  It could be for planting flowers or vegetables; large or small; urban or rural - what is important is that this group of people actively participate in a democratic decision-making process and that the garden reflects the community in which it is located. 

An allotment community garden is a plot of land made available for individual gardening or growing food plants. These gardens are formed by subdividing a piece of land into a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individuals or families.

In a communal community garden, on the other hand, the entire area is tended collectively by a group of people and goverened collectively by that group. 

A community garden can refer to individual small garden plots as well as to a single, large piece of land gardened collectively. Gardens may have both types of areas. Some community gardens also have public spaces where anyone can harvest the food produced, even if they have not helped to grow it. 

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