About Us

Gardening Matters is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and preserving community gardening across the Twin Cities by connecting gardeners to each other and to the communities in which they reside. We provide training and resources to support successful and sustainable community gardens.

We look forward to working with you on making our communities more livable and more resilient, building community through enhancing community food systems.

Our Mission Statement:

Gardening Matters grows the success and sustainability of community gardens by supporting the gardeners that make them happen. We connect gardeners with resources, training, and networking opportunities, provide public education, advocate for supportive community garden policies, and build community and regional collaboration for the Good Food movement, embracing home gardening and community gardening as a vital part of a diverse, community-based food system.


In summer of 2008, the three-year program, GardenWorks, became Gardening Matters, an independent organization dedicated to community gardeners across the Twin Cities and Minnesota. Gardening Matters continues the mission and programming of GardenWorks to work with gardeners to create vibrant sustainable community gardens that are assets to the communities in which they reside. Read more about Gardening Matters' history. 

Goals of Gardening Matters

  • To strengthen networking between community garden groups
  • To strengthen internal functioning of community gardens
  • To improve public relations and advocate for supportive policies for community gardens
  • To foster partnerships between the gardening community and public and private sectors
  • To assist with the establishment of new community gardens

How Do We Do It?

Gardening Matters is an organization driven by community gardeners for community gardeners. We believe that community gardeners are the best experts on community gardening. Answers to many dilemmas faced by community garden groups have already been faced by other community gardeners. Tapping into the resources and expertise of the gardening community, we serve as a central clearinghouse for community gardening resources in the Twin Cities.

We host a comprehensive community garden inventory, hold community gardening events and gardener get-togethers, provide web resources, and serve as liaison between community gardens and the general public, the public sector, and business advocating on behalf of community gardening.

Most recently, we launched the Local Food Resource Hub program, aimed at growing the infrastructure and support needed to support gardeners where they live.


Gardening Matters thanks the many individual donors of money and time, volunteering their energy and skills. Gardening Matters owes its success to you -- THANK YOU! To make a tax-deductible donation to support community gardening programming, make check out to Gardening Matters and mail to310 E. 38th St., #204b, Minneapolis, MN 55409 or online through GIVEMN.org

Gardening Matters receives support from The McKnight Foundation, the McNeely Foundation, and is steadily supported by the Wedge Co-op's Green Patch program.