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Go Far TogetherLeadership is about convening.
Thoughtful and intentional facilitation is key.
Explore the resources below to grow your skills!


Facilitation / Hosting
Facilitator Toolbox     Community Building Beliefs   
We put this Facilitator Toolbox together as your go-to resource as you develop your leadership and facilitation skills. Start here!
Leadership in the Garden
Leadership Paradigm Shift The challenges we face in the 21st century are often complex, where multiple causes lead non-linearly to multiple effects. Complex problems are best solved by participatory processes that surface the wisdom of multiple perspectives. Shared leadership models foster co-creation and co-ownership. Deep community engagement is also a tool for promoting equity. Community gardens and networks of folks who grow, cook, preserve and share food are ideal contexts for shared leadership.   

A traditional heroic leader is someone who says “I have the answer and I need to figure out how to get you to come with me.” In a shared leadership model it becomes, “We know the answers- let’s figure out what to do together.”  We believe that whatever the problem or the possibility, community IS the answer.

Event Planning 101 Check out this handout on event planning if you're looking for guidance in the process.

Reading List
The Art of Powerful QuestionsCommunity by Peter BlockWalk Out Walk On