Community Garden Day 2012

Community Garden Day 2012 has passed! Thank you to those of you who hosted events in your gardens and to visitors to those gardens on Community Garden Day! Pictures and more coming soon...

Read the Community Garden Day Resolutions passed in support of Community Garden Day in the following cities:

Community Garden Day is a way to learn directly from community gardeners about these community spaces & get to know your community a little better in the process. On August 11, 2012 sixty community gardens from across the state hosted free neighborhood celebrations for the public in their gardens.

The day recognizes the contributions of community gardeners to the health, vitality and livability of their communities, and also serves as an opportunity to spread awareness about the multiple benefits of community gardens to the public. More about Community Gardening in MN is available in the most recent Snapshot of Community Gardening in MN, published by Gardening Matters. 

Online Map of Participating Gardens (Or download the printable PDF Directory) Dot colors refer to Primary Garden Focus: Green Dot=Food Production; Red Dot=Beautification; Yellow Dot =Youth; Blue Dot=Environment