Garden Seekers and Garden Coordinators

Looking for garden space?

Gardening Matters does not coordinate any gardens. Most gardens are volunteer-led by your neighbors in the community. We do, however, offer plot referrals to community members who are looking for garden space.

Please fill out this form and we will respond with nearby gardens for you to contact for the 2016 growing season. You can expect to receive information for nearby gardens in early 2016. We answer plot referrals in the order we receive them.

Until we are able to publish a shiny new version, please refer to this map showing community gardens as of 2012.

Register your garden by taking the Garden Survey!

We rely on garden coordinators to submit Community Garden Surveys to us in order to keep our records up to date. We use garden coordinator contact information to let gardeners know about important issues affecting the gardens, including funding opportunities. Garden coordinators can expect to hear from us several times a year, including the spring, when we refer prospective gardeners to plots available in gardens. 

We use aggregate data from our garden survey to advocate for supportive policy changes. We also do an annual analysis of our garden data to produce the "Snapshot of Community Gardens." This document has been essential in highlighting the benefits of community gardens to policy makers. If your garden has not submitted a survey in the last year, please fill out the online survey or print and mail in this paper survey! Your garden data matters! You may also call the office to walk through the survey over the phone (612-821-2358).

About our garden data and data privacy:

We work very hard to keep the most comprehensive database of community gardens in the state of Minnesota. We get many requests to share the data we collect from gardens. However, we have a very strict privacy policy around sharing that data, specifically contact information of garden coordinators and address of gardens.  On the surface, sharing this data seems like a simple request, but there are many reasons why garden coordinators do not want their addresses or other information made available to the general public. For instance, many garden coordinators are volunteers, and the garden contact information is a personal email address or personal cell phone. Or, a garden may serve a vulnerable population or be in an area where it may be a target for vandalism.

As a result, our public maps are produced in a way that does not reveal specific garden information but still illustrates the garden community. 

 If you are a student or researcher, we do release certain kinds of data with an appropriate signed confidentialty agreement and memorandum of understanding about how the data will be used and how privacy will be safeguarded. If you would like to talk with us about accessing our database, please contact us well in advance of the project.