Community Garden Directory

A new and improved interactive map of community gardens across Minnesota. We are currently in the process of comprehensively updating of our community garden database. Gardens are now submitting surveys to us, and we plan to conduct phone banks with volunteers to contact the gardens we haven't heard from yet. Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming volunteer opportunity.

In the meantime, this is the most recent map we have for community gardens in Minneapolis-St. Paul, completed in 2012.

If you are looking for space in a community garden, we provide garden referrals. Please fill out THIS FORM to request a referral for 2015. En Espanol! 

We depend on community gardeners to register their garden with us by filling out our Community Garden Survey in order to keep our records accurate and to publish an up-to-date map of community gardens. (Note: The online version of the form is currently under construction. If you'd like to download and mail the form, please do so. Or, an online version will be available on 3/1/15.)

Please Note: if you belong to a community garden, but you do not want to be listed on the map for whatever reason, please still fill out the Community Garden Survey! There is an option to "opt out" of being listed on this Directory for those of you who would like to keep your community garden's location private to the general public. For that reason, although this Community Garden Directory is very comprehensive, it is not a complete representation of all community gardens in Minnesota.