Gardeners' Resources - an online "ToolShed"

Welcome to our online library of resources to help you in coordinating your community garden! Here are tips on getting resources for your garden or to build great relationship with the local community. These resources are here to help you and your fellow community gardeners achieve a sustainable community garden that is fulfilling to you and an asset to its community.

Reference and/or contribute to our Quick Resource Guide for community gardeners.

Garden Directory - Check out the public map of community gardens published by Gardening Matters and get connected to a community garden near where you live! Please note: all community gardens are run INDEPENDENTLY of Gardening Matters, and due to the volunteer nature of most community gardens, some information may be out of date or incomplete.

Getting Started - Download our Community Garden start-up guide and other tips, and find out more about hosting a workshop for your community group facilitated by Gardening Matters

Community Garden Coordinating – tips from fellow gardeners on how to have a dynamic community garden while maintaining the garden.

Funding - If we're aware of a funding opportunity for community gardens, we'll post it here

Garden Advocacy – Get the information and skills you need to be an effective advocate for community gardens where you live. 

Research and Policy - Get educated so you can be an effective advocate! We list interesting research and policy related to community gardening here. 

Youth Gardening – resources for working with youth in gardens

Compost - Learn about getting compost for your community garden here or start making your own!