Gardening on Rental Property

Do you garden as a renter?
Are you a property owner who has thought about allowing tenant gardening?

Gardening Matters is working in partnership with the City of Minneapolis and the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) to make gardening on rental property easier. During the summer of 2014, Gardening Matters conducted two listening sessions and solicited written feedback online from both property owners and renters. Based on the information we heard, we have developed resources that can help property owners and renters connect, communicate, and have successful gardens.

We are currently looking for both renters and property owners to "test-drive" these resources. Would you like to give them a try? Contact Nadja to learn more! Your experiences can help make the process easier for others!

Resources for Property Owners and Tenants:

Making the Case to Property Owners
Use this document to develop some key talking points as you make a case to the property owner!

Sample Lease Addendum (small properties)
Renters and property owners can construct a written agreement outlining roles and responsibilities and address any potential concerns together. 

Sample Lease and Guide for Gardens within Larger Developments
This thorough guide, Ground Rules: A Legal Guide for Community Gardens, the  was developed by the Public Health Law and Policy Center, now ChangeLab Solutions. The sample lease begins on page 8. 

Summary of Listening Session and Survey Findings
Read more about our findings.