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Animals and Bees

Animals and bees are popular additions to gardens. Here are a few resources to get started.


Chickens provide eggs, eat garden pests, and produce excellent composted manure. Use these resources as a guide to get started keeping chickens of your own.

Keeping Urban Chickens

Keeping Chickens in Minneapolis

Keeping Chickens in St. Paul

Chicken-Keeping Basics

Backyard Chicken Basics from the U of M Extension.

Informative chicken-keeping information from Mother Earth News.

A website about the benefits of Chickens in the Garden.

Twin Cities Chicken Google Group - a lively discussion group with questions and answers about chicken keeping in the Twin Cities Metro.


There are a variety of reasons to keep bees: honey, beeswax, pollination. Check out these resources to get started.

The University of Minnesota Extension is one of the nation's leading experts in bee-keeping, and publishes a multitude of articles on beekeeping.

Pollinate Minnesota is a great local resource.

Be sure to check regulations with your local government!

Keeping bees in Minneapolis
Keeping bees in St. Paul


Goats provide milk, control weeds (by snacking) and are playful and gentle. Read up on urban goat-keeping. 

Goats are allowed in St. Paul with proper permits

Goats are not yet legal in Minneapolis, although citizen advocates are working to change that. Find more information: