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Action Alert: Calls and Emails needed to move urban agriculture legislation!

April 12, 2016

We need more calls and emails NOW to help continue to move this bill! Please take a few moments to do the following:

1)      Make calls/send emails to Senator Jeff Hayden and Senator Bobby Jo Champion to ask that they hear this bill (HF3324, SF 3310) in the Senate Finance subcommittee on Equity and be included in the Governor’s racial disparities package

2)      Make calls/ send emails to other Senators to ask them to co-author- particularly if they represent YOU. Especially: Senators on the Subcommittee on Equity and in our metropolitan areas (Links contains all contact information!):
Patricia Torres Ray (63, DFL)
 ; Foung Hawj (67, DFL) ; Sandra L. Pappas (65, DFL) , Kari Dziedzic (60, DFL) – ALREADY A CO-AUTHOR- THANK HER!!

And Senators on the Finance Committee:
Richard Cohen (64, DFL) ; D. Scott Dibble (61, DFL) ; Katie Sieben (54, DFL) ; John Marty (66, DFL) 

3)      Calls, emails to Governor’s office asking them to include HF3324, SF331 in the package on racial disparities. Telephone: 651-201-3400; Email   

4)      Call/Email Rod Hamilton and other co-authors in the House and thank them for the continued support and leadership (Links go to contact info): Davnie Loeffler Anderson,P. Schomacker Poppe Gunther Laine Kahn 
Slocum Hornstein Johnson, S. ;Johnson, C.

Talking points for Urban Agriculture Pilot Program legislation (HF3324, SF 3310)

  •  The bill creates funding for a pilot program for Urban Agriculture.
  •  People in cities and towns with a population of 10,000 or larger OR that have 10% communities of color are eligible to apply. Organizations, nonprofits, municipalities, individuals, and cooperatives are eligible.
  • At least 50% of funds will to low-income communities of color and Native American groups.
  • The bill will create jobs, especially for communities of color, increase access to fresh and healthy food in communities, and strengthen Minnesota’s food system resiliency.
  • This kind of legislation is supported by the Department of Agriculture’s report on Urban Agriculture to the legislature, written this year.
  • This bill will support small-scale fruit and vegetable production, greenhouse operations, and other high-density food production, as recommended in the Minnesota Food Charter.
  • Community members have been working on this bill for four years, and the need for this funding is increasing across the state. It can improve racial disparities in health and wealth, building important infrastructure to create long-term jobs in urban agriculture.