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Gardening Matters Hibernation

10/1/17: Gardening Matters Seeks New Board Members


Dear Friends and Supporters of Gardening Matters,
In the latter part of December 2016, we made the difficult, but necessary decision to lay off all staff and put Gardening Matters into a state of hibernation. We want to be clear that hibernation is not synonymous with closure. As with hibernation, we aim to reemerge. There is a core group of board members and key stakeholders who are reflecting upon the history, strengths, and weaknesses of Gardening Matters. This group is moving into exploration of ways to secure us again as an independent organization, or under the umbrella of another organization, and will be leading the work along the way.
Our decision to hibernate may have seemed sudden and shocking. However, in 2016 we wrestled with financial solvency off and on, and when we came to this decision we felt we had turned over every possible stone looking for resources. Furthermore, the timing for such a decision seems awful. Our work to inspire folks to grow, share, and preserve their own food, to build community, and to lift up community wisdom and resiliency is urgently needed now. Though, we needed to take a step back in order to step forward with Gardening Matters in the future.
At this time, we do not anticipate immediately offering plot referrals, spring membership with seeds, plants, and skill shares, and leadership and coordinator gatherings. We know the leadership and sustainability trainings are needed now more than ever in order to maintain the amazing network of community gardens. We will maintain our website and social media presence. COMGAR will remain in operation thanks to the generous financial support from Extension Master Gardener Program – Hennepin County and moderation and management conducted by two long-standing supporters of Gardening Matters. Please look to COMGAR, our website, and Facebook page to stay connected. Questions to the board can be sent
Again, there is a core group exploring and working on ways for Gardening Matters to resurge. We need to find a path that will pay our expenses and keep the organization solvent for the long-term. We know that you, our stakeholders, value what we bring to the community. Support from individual donors is critically important for our work to flourish again. 

Please consider making a one-time or sustaining contribution. To donate, go to our website, or mail a check to 301 E 38th St #204b, Minneapolis, MN 55409. If you are unable to financially contribute at this time the next best thing you can do is share our need with your own personal network.
Thank you for your support,
Gardening Matters Board of Directors
Seth Kuhl-Stennes,Chair    
Betty Hupperich, Treasurer  
Anna Johnson, Secretary
Ebony Beck                          
Stayci Bell