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Gardening Matters is Waking Up!


We’re stretching our arms, rubbing our eyes and shaking the sleep from our limbs!

During the past year, we have taken internal inventory of our programming and the impact of that programming. It has been really wonderful to see the changes in and across our communities to embrace, grow and recognize the multiple benefits of community gardens, urban farming, and gardening in community.

Gardening Matters started from a participatory research project which included community gardeners, land owners, public agencies and other stakeholders to identify reasons why community gardens were going under the bulldozer and what could be done to preserve and protect these community assets. Community Gardens were widely regarded as interim uses of land until something “higher and better” came along (i.e. development). There was a legacy of amazing community garden work from other organizations, but the programming had pulled back and there was a gap in services as a result.

Through hard work of many across the Twin Cities, we shared a vision of cities that could be green and shared evidence from research and first hand visits that green spaces are essential for viable and resilient cities.

But as the landscape changes, so too must the vision.

Gardening Matters was never a big organization, but it beat with a thousand hearts!

And so we ask you again today to join us. *Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey  to help give us direction at this time of renewal, and consider investing in the future of Gardening Matters through *your online contribution*.

On behalf of the Gardening Matters Board of Directors,

Kirsten Saylor