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Share your garden stories with The MN Food Charter!


Gardening Matters believes that all of us doing good work around food and growing are leaders. The MN Food Charter is collecting stories from folks doing this kind of work. This includes growing your own food!

We encourage you to share your story, so the collective voice around food skills and food access reflects each and every one of us.

From the MN Food Charter:

"We are gathering compelling stories from leaders just like you across Minnesota; stories that demonstrate powerful progress in creating healthier food environments, strengthening food skills, and building a healthy food infrastructure.

These stories reflect wonderful work across the food supply—from seed to table—oftentimes embodying one or more of the 99 Food Charter strategies.

Our goal with this project is to connect with people doing wonderful work to improve our food supply across Minnesota; learn about the connections between these efforts and potential policy that could play a supportive role; and share these stories with others to inspire further progress." 

Tell your story here.

Photo credit: The MN Food Charter