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Seeds & Plants

Plant DistributionGardening Matters can connect you with affordable seeds and plants!

Home and community gardeners in the Twin Cities area can become members of Gardening Matters for access to affordable, high quality seeds and plants.

Seed Saving and Seed Libraries

Seed saving is important to our food system's past, present, and future. In many areas, restrictive laws still limit the sharing of seeds. In 2014, Gardening Matters worked with a coalition to make community-based, non-commercial seed sharing legal in Minnesota.

Twin Cities Seed Saving Community of Practice

Long before agricultural science and seed companies, people collected, saved, and replanted seeds as an essential part of survival. Seed saving honed our crops, selecting for various traits over generations and across regions. This selection led to genetic diversity in crops, which increatsed adaptability to many growing conditions and climates.

With the rise of modern agricultural practices, genetic crop diversity has declined drastically with almost 75% of the diversity lost. This means our food supply relies on a small selection of crops, making it more vulnerable to pests, diseases, and climate changes.

Seed saving is central to sustainability and food security, especially in the face of climate change and questionable food safety. At Gardening Matters we have begun work with community members to increase climate adaptability and resiliency in our local food system by re-building our seed saving and sharing capacity. For those interested getting involved in our local seed saving movement, consider reading about and joining our Community of Practice. If you're interested in getting involved, contact us. We'd love to save and share with you.

Seed Saving 

The internet has a weath of resources on saving seed. We encourage savers of all levels (including those who have never saved seed before) to use these resources and others, on their learning journey.

Seed Libraries

This report on the Role of Community Seed Projects in Protecting Seed Diversity is a wealth of information on the importance of saving and sharing seed. To get more involved, check out these local commnunity seed banks:

Other Sources for Seeds and Plants
Plants for Healthy Pollinators, Water, and Soil

Complete your garden with plants that attract and support pollinators, prevent erosion, and promote water quality. 

Perennial Vegetables

Native Landscaping


Starting Seeds Indoors