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Listservs and Forums

Use these listservs (email discussion forums) to connect with other gardeners, and find resources and opportunities to make your community and garden great!

  • Join COMGAR, the community gardener listserv run by Gardening Matters and hosted by E-democracy. This online group is for the community of growers in the Twin Cities Metro Area to share timely information, seek advice from other gardeners, and learn about resources available to gardeners.
  • MN Urban Farmers Listserv  is a discussion forum relevant to urban agriculture activities
  • SUSTAG  is for people to share information about events, research, learning opportunities, books, articles, or other pieces of knowledge relevant to sustainable agriculture
  • American Community Garden Association (ACGA) Listserv is a national listserv for community gardening-related topics. 
  • COMFOOD is a national listserv to discuss food justice related issues started by the former Community Food Security Coalition
  • Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative's GFJI listserv is a national listserv to discuss food justice related issues